Bullshit In Hip-Hop? Not Surprising.

I remember these days. Being a battle/street rapper is tough when you’re not street. Any and everything you say will be tested on a regular basis. It’s especially hard these days when you’re running with a crew. Conflicting views can’t be resolved by anything less than a good old-fashioned passionate ass-whooping. Now if you’re actually talented, it’s easy to be ahead of the street curve. An intelligent writer will always trump a direct jokester in a battle. After a few of these battles, the talented MC feels like he’s on top already, due to the hype you recieve from being talented. All doors become open in your neighborhood, and you may feel like you’re the HARDEST IN THE CITY. If you watch the whole video, you can see that when you proclaim that role, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE…is going to see you about it.

The kid on the far left with the fitted? His name is Ruga, and he’s a hardcore rapper. I’m guessing he’s pretty good, because he’s coming under serious fire for calling himself  “The Hardest In The City”. And this is Jersey City, one of the HARDEST CITIES in the COUNTRY….Must be a pretty tough guy too :-/. Probably a regular guy just like any of us, who has a talent, and is gettin a little hype. Enough hype to have a CD, and enough to call it “The Hardest In The City”. And DEFINITELY enough to say it in the AIM chatrooms. Must be young too, just starting out. His crew feels he’s getting too big for his britches. Shit, They’re ALL hard. In the aggressor’s eyes, the CITY itself is hard, making the whole team hard. It’s really a silly arguement, that results in Ruga getting his block knocked off, and police being called.

THIS IS A BUSINESS NIGGA! Excuse my language, but I’m mad at this. And this is directed to any artist, or person who understands the stupid shit behind this. You don’t come to the studio, and air something out that needs no airing. He’s your teammate, for crying out loud! Let him call himself the Hardest in the City! Anything to progress the team….it’s the basic work model of the average rapper. We’re all looking for our swag at one point in our career, and he thought he found his. Like the engineer (the guy in the yellow) said, “We’re just trying to get some paper outta this.”. Well put coach. Get your team in check.

….I just figure if you’re gonna get money -scratches head-,  then it does’nt matter who calls them self what. All that matters is this team has to get somewhere. Best of luck to them though.

here’s the URL


To Life,


~ by Chucky_Nite on May 29, 2009.

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