Inakaya NYC


I was actually excited about this place from the time they were building, there just are’nt any great Japanese restaurants in New York City. No offense to any Japanese restaurant in NY, but when you touch down in Tokyo and go to the smallest of Izakaya (sake/food parlors), your opinion quickly changes about Japanese cuisine, and especially the experience.

When you step into Inakaya, the rather large alcove cut under the New York Times building in Times Square, you’re greeted by the maitre’d, who leads you into the dining area, to a way larger, more traditional greeting. IRASHAIMASEN!!! That’s welcome in Japanese. And then there’s the FOOD! Whoa. Surprisingly affordable for an upscale robata grill. A variety of fish, chicken, kobe beef, sushi and sashimi are at your disposal. To accompany the exquisite and richly textured food, there is an extensive list of wines, Japanese micro-brews, and of course, Sake. A personal favorite is the Seared Tuna Salad ($16).

All in all this is an exceptional date spot, and a hangout for the exclusive and reclusive. I miss Tokyo, but this place brought me back, and can continue to hold me down until my next trip. Until then, I’ll quote the staff’s word as they serve you. Tomoshinde! (Enjoy!).

To Life,

~ by Chucky_Nite on June 9, 2009.

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