Meet Charles.

Charles Hamilton!

If you have’nt heard of this kid already, then its understandable. This is Charles Hamilton, the 20 year old diamond in the rough residing in Harlem, who’s first claim to fame was the record plant cipher with The Game and Kanye West in LA. And I’ll just say this. I’m more impressed with this kid than any other rapper out right now. He’s new and fresh, eccentric and eclectic, but his music also reflects true school values. His influences range from hip-hop, to oldies, to nu-metal and indie such as TV on The Radio and Incubus…WTF? Sounds like someone I know….But this isn’t about me. I would love to work with this guy, and ill also like to enlighten the world to an honest kid, making honest music, in a dishonest world.

~ by Chucky_Nite on June 9, 2009.

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