Album Review: 88-Keys

As of late, the hip-hop scene has undergone extensive cosmetic surgery. Rappers have become hybrid singer/lyricists, they’ve traded platinum chains for Tiffany Dunks, and went from pushing Benzes to playing passenger in commercial jets. Maybe a dose of desperately needed reality was what it took. I’m proud of the more than a handful of artists who have taken these steps to create quality music, in the midst of not-so-quality music.

Among the vanguard stands Artist/Producer 88-Keys, representing for Harlem World. Harlem’s previous claim to fame was Mase, Cam’Ron, and the Dipset. It was synonymous with flashy cars, superfluous jewelry, and massive “frontin'”. However, Keys is unfazed, with his debut album, “The Death of Adam”.

This is a concept album, where Keys tells the story of a man named Adam Johnson, who is on a mission to “play the field” of women. The album starts off with the track “Morning Wood”, which illustrates the joys of love in the morning ;-). However, things start to get sour when he meets a woman who’s got him paying for it (Handcuff ‘Em), and also forgetting the protection (There’s Pleasure In It, The Burning Bush feat. Redman). He also realized that he may be stuck with a child now (M.I.L.F feat. Bilal). The narrator tells the story with pity in her voice (lol). the end result? Adam’s life is officially over.

For something fun and substantial, throw this on!

To Life,


~ by Chucky_Nite on August 2, 2009.

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