Club Review: WOMB Tokyo

What is the best nightclub in the planet? Your guess is as good as mine! However, its a fact that the SECOND best nightclub in the world is nestled into a dark, quiet cut in the back alleyways of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo’s youth entertainment ward. Still no guesses? It was featured in the movie Babel….still no luck? Okay I’ll help you out. It’s called WOMB, and this ain’t your momma’s nightclub!

You wind through the back alleys until you reach an inconspicuous iron door. Now Kazu told us we should keep our voices low, as to not disturb the neighbors. :-/….you mean the second most popping club on the global scene is in a residential area? Niiiice.

The line is inside, and never snakes out of the door, no matter how packed the club is. After paying the cover charge of about 27 dollars (3000yen), you are ushered into a small area with a bar…this is Obi Lounge…have a drink and a nice conversation now, because when you walk through the next corridor, what you see will shock you. Strobe lights, fog machine, central air, and four floors of pure mayhem and debauchery! Sounds good? Listen to world-class club spinners (if you don’t know who they are, don’t bother coming!) Attack the wheels of steel with the sickest techno, tribal, house, DrumNBass, the works. The girls are wild, the guys are wild (one guy threw girls at me like a wrestler, just to see me have a good time.)

The best part about this club, that new york clubs miss out on? Its unpretentious. No cage dancers, no screaming DJ, no bitch ass promoters, just the MUSIC. Isn’t that what clubs are for? Isn’t it? So make the time and save the scratch, and get your rebirth on at WOMB!!

To Life,

~ by Chucky_Nite on August 3, 2009.

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