Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is the 71 year-old Japanese fashion icon whose work belies his age by eons. Issey is one of those brands that look like it would fit in with the space-traveling socialites of the future (LOL). Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Miyake discovered a way to use pleating in a way that is comfortable to wear in everyday appliances, while still being extraordinarily pleasing aesthetically.

Issey Miyake makes Men’s and Women’s clothing, fragrences, handbags, and timepieces, with the same sharp, angular accents popularized by his Avant-Garde dresses.

Make it your business to do further research on this brand, because this IS the future of fashion. When the people start turning to more innovative party dresses, or sharper suits, or a conversation invoking timepiece, they will be begging for an Issey Miyake on all the 5th Avenue’s of the world. I can’t give you all the info! That would take the fun out of the discovery!

To Life,

~ by Chucky_Nite on August 9, 2009.

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