Pharrell Sued for Plagiarism!?

Bad Artists copy, Good Artists steal. Words to live by? That should be Pharrell’s answer to those suing him for plagiarism recently.

Allegedly, Pharrell has ripped off a song from Pomona, CA band Geggy Tah, entitled “Whoever You Are” for a song called “Feel Like Me” by the Clipse.

However, the song was part of a shelved Pharrell/Clipse project, which accidentally leaked to the Internet. I don’t think that garners any case, or awards for damages.

The hip-hop game is about samples, and that’s what was done here. This is not a Fabolous “Breathe” situation, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Star Trak! -Vulcan Salute-

Live Long and Prosper, P!

~ by Chucky_Nite on August 9, 2009.

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