THE RANT: MTV Video Music Awards ’09

Last night was the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, held in the iconic Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This year, social networking sites were buzzing with the promise that this VMA will top the previous, and maybe many others before it. Hosted by Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), this year’s show boasted star-studded performances, and even a break for up-and-comers Kid Cudi and Wale, both of whom have debut albums coming later this fall (Kid Cudi 9/15, Wale 10/22). The show opened with a solid Michael Jackson tribute (POW! To BET), and then the real fun starts. I have a few points I want to address.

1. Lady Gaga. This woman is the truth. An ARTIST by blood, not relation (lol). People who didn’t see her “Paparazzi” video lit up Twitter and Facebook with the obvious. YES, that was a studded neck brace. Watch the VIDEO to UNDERSTAND. This woman is a performance artist, who just HAPPENS to be a Top 40 pop star. Her red lace “Batman-esque” dress? I loved it, for one, it was sexy, and it fit her PERFECTLY. Beyonce wearing it? A hot mess. Gaga wearing it? Is Lady Gaga. Also, she wore a birds nest around her face toward the end of the awards. Why not? The rest of the artists may find it a bit much, but I BET they respect her for it. She’s got a stellar first album, and she’s going on world tour with Kanye West. Hell of a rookie, if I do say so myself. Much love to Gaga!

2. Kanye West. LMFAO. Boo hoo. He “stole Taylor Swift’s shine”. This is Mr. West at EVERY award show. He steals shine. Unprofessional? Yes. Tasteless? Yes. Would I do it myself? No. Will it cost him? NO. Not in the least bit. Kanye speaks without thinking, but the stations want him for RATINGS. Which is why he keeps getting invited. He is a marketing genius. It kept people talking about not only Kanye, but Taylor Swift AND the awards. No press is bad press, right? He ran into Taylor’s mom backstage and apologized, then went home and apologized to his fans via (his blog). He didn’t say Taylor Swift sucked. He just said Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time (but Single Ladies? I disagree, Kanye). But at the end of the day, no harm was done, as Beyonce accepted her Video of the Year award, and relinquished the stage to Taylor Swift, so that she can have her shine. VERY PROFESSIONAL. So Kanye’s career is far from over, he just has lots of apologies to shell out. Classic ‘Ye.

3. Lil’ Mama aka WTF?- This was the highlight of the show, however. During Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ closing performance of “Empire State of Mind”, Lil’ Mama appeared onstage, in her best BBoy stance, mean mugging with a shocked Jay and Alicia. WTF. Not only did she look a hot mess, but she had no business being up there….she tried to stand up next to him for the final pose, and he moved closer to Alicia, looking like he was creeped out by her intrusion. I would be too. Apparently, Twitter heads have some footage of Jay reacting to it backstage…That oughtta be good.

All in all, despite Russell Brand’s lewd jokes, Kanye’s moment of insanity, and Lady Gaga’s birdnest, this year did outdo all the others. If you didn’t catch it last night, catch it on the repeat tip! You’ll be entertained! Pics coming VERY soon, but ill leave you with this ONE poignant photo. Jay-Zs face sums up the night. WTF?

To Life.

~ by Chucky_Nite on September 14, 2009.

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