THE RANT: Kanye West’s Apology

We all know what happened last night. Somebody had a lil’ sippy sippy, and got a lil’ lippy lippy. And guess what guys? He’s apologizing. And you know what this means? He’s sorry. He ws raised better than that, as were most of us young men raised by our mothers.

There is REAL emotion in his reaction to Jay asking him “What would your mother think?”. Things happen. Humans malfunction. Peopledo crazy things they’ll regret later. We’ve ALL done them. And we’ve ALL done them time and time again, and have always apologized and expect in turn to be forgiven. He came out to applause and cheers, as opposed to the mob of otherwise “Kanye FANS” who booed him.

And they had a right to. Who the hell is Kanye West to take away somebody’s moment of light, just to prove a mute point? He’s a man, or a shell of one.

He’s a mess. Come on guys, lets be serious. In the middle of his first headlining tour, his mother died doing something against his will. Then, he works tirelessly on his music for himself and others, and feels he doesn’t get his credit. Emotions won the battle last night.

So let’s not get all wrapped up in this MTV hullabaloo. For all we know, this shit was staged, and for all we know, it wasn’t. Let the man regret what he’s done, and make amends with himself and the ones he’s hurt.

LEt’s not forget people, INTERNET hate hurts just as much as people bringing it to your doorstep. He’s given this industry so much more than what he’s messed up, and to be honest, who gives a shit? It had THE WORLD talking, and they probably still will talk!

Congratulations to Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Kanye? I hope he’s learned from this. I, for one, am not expecting perfection of anyone. Let’s just not do a big shit, K? (Shouts to Jenn!

To Life,

Video courtesy of NBC Networks.

~ by Chucky_Nite on September 15, 2009.

One Response to “THE RANT: Kanye West’s Apology”

  1. He should lay off the brown liquor before major events. He looked so pitiful during this apology. He still rocked the stage though!!!

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