“Tokyo`s Tears”

I wonder who could be crying in Tokyo?
When the raindrops run down my window.
And the typhoon winds make the trees 2-step,
I can`t help to think she may be sending threats.
Or does it just mean these are tears of joy?
To see a return trip from her Ambitious boy.
In the midst of this heavenly hullabaloo,
I take time to tell her that I miss her too.
But if you decide not to dry your eyes,
I may never get a chance to come back inside.
So put on your best and we can hit the club,
I came all this way for your Tokyo love.
I pop corks to the sky for you,
Get rid of those posing guys for you.
You know it don`t matter, I`ll ride for you.
Under my umbrella, I`ll dry those eyes for you.
….And she breaks.

If it`s a little hard to understand, heres the explanation. I wrote this poem sitting at my hotel room window, watching a typhoon pass over Tokyo…it took the better part of 2 days, and as a precaution, we had to stay indoors. Lol after that, it should be pretty easy to understand.

~ by Chucky_Nite on October 9, 2009.

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