The XX

The XX is the brainchild of South London youth Jamie Smith, Romey Madley Croft, and Oliver Sim, and Baria Quareshi, who is no longer with the group, making it a three piece electronic/rock/R&B mash-up. They made their debut in London, opening for fellow English acts Hot Chip and Four Tet, while in NY they made their debut in Brooklyn, opening up for groups such as the incredible Friendly Fires.

The XX, in their early inception.

I can only describe the lovely sonics of the XX as this. Imagine sitting in a dark, smoky room, making out with an Eastern European girl, while trying to avoid her overprotective father. Yeah, that’s an earful, isn’t it? That’s why its better listened to than described! Their latest record called “The XX” is available now on iTunes, and in fine music retailers in your area! This is one new record that’s worth listening to, if you’re into music you can feel!

The XX…Album Artwork…simplistic, yet stylin’!

~ by Chucky_Nite on January 20, 2010.

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