@ItsEyeris- SoberDrunkLoveLust

It’s your boy Chucky, once again shoving proof in the faces of the unwitting listeners…People like to throw around that the female MC market is very thin, leaving Nicki Minaj a clear lane to do as she pleases with that spot. My conclusion is Nicki is blowing up because she is just blowing up. There are women spitting venom in these streets kid! I peeped Eyeris is “The Sway Kids” by TONE, and through 6 degrees of separation, followed her on Twitter. And then I found out her secret. Shes ill. And I hope you think so too. So ladies and gentlemen, DJ Bonnie Danger + Eyeris = SoberDrunkLoveLust…

~ by Chucky_Nite on March 17, 2010.

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