MyersLansky (@myerslansky) vs. SB (@sb_hatboy)…and why you should never be drunk at a battle….

I’m gonna start this post with ONE point. Getting drunk/stupid high, before repping yourself and your team in a battle, in a performance, or even in just a cypher….DOESNT HELP YOU ANY MORE THAN IT HURTS YOU. As my proof, enjoy this battle between BX natives MyersLansky, and SB.

Now…starting out as a battle rapper, I am a fair and unbiased jusge of these things. Myers is the homie, but even more than that, the guy is talented in battle…one of the few cats you never hear say “I was SUPPOSED to battle such and such”…or “this nigga writes so and so”….and futhermore….look @ the dude he’s battling…his first mistake was that cup of Henny. Artists gotta understand that enebriation leads to panic when youre in competition.

However, there’s a rematch out somewhere…I’ll be bringing that to y’all soon, with my thoughts as well…maybe our friend SB repped a bit harder…

~ by Chucky_Nite on April 18, 2010.

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