The title of this post is a quote from the “Prince of Pot” himself, Marc Emery. Marc is an American, living in Canada, and working as an activist to help put an end to the capitalistic illegalization of marijuana in the USA. The American governement has tried to have him extradited, but to no avail. He still holds rallies and other events to promote legalizing the plants use in industrial, recreational, and medical contexts in America and its neighboring countries. Unfortunately, because of the USA’s interest in locking him up for selling seeds, he can only do his work from pot-friendly Canada.

Now explain to me one vital thing. How is it that foreign countries are “pot-friendly”, but no country at all is “crack-friendly”? That’s easy. THEY ARE NOT ONE AND THE SAME. You can’t turn crack into rope, or paper, or body oil, or anything else that can be used by a non-smoker. You don’t have to smoke hemp in order to utilize its almost divine properties. This plant is all-purpose in every sense of the world. It should be “to each his own” when it comes to smoking pot. There are no carcinogens in cannabis (although smoking “blunts” will leave you with throat and mouth cancer, so stay away from cigars!), it does not kill cells at all, unless of course, you’re smoking in your hallway, staring at a piss puddle…then again, you’ll lose those cells if you do that sober anyway.

Now, I’m not one of those rappers who say “I smoke weed to make me more creative.” However, some of the side effects of smoking herb are euphoria, a heghtened sense of self, and a heghtened interst in all things artistic, and all things to be interpreted. I like to blaze a doobie and read a good book, or listen to some dope music, even before the club (I’m not much of a drinker).

With these things being said, I can’t stand the people who be in the club drunk, and throwing up in the club, but would judge someone for smoking weed. Like you didn’t just run 100 holes into your liver so the girlies/guys could say you were living it up. Who are you people to sit there and take your shot of tequila, and scoff at me rolling my zig zag outside the bar? That’s easy to explain too. If I get caught smoking, I could get a summons, or a night in jail behind it. But you should ask yourself why that is so?

What are Americas number one industries? Agriculture and PRISONS. We build new prisons at a blinding rate, mostly to hold people who have minor misdemeanor offenses for marijuana. To carry over 6 bags is to possess with intent to sell…anything over a pound is a class A felony…just like a handful of Ecstasy, or a whole brick of coke, or dope. What part of the game is that? Ill tell you what part.

Virtually everyone either smokes weed avidly, occasionally, socially, or have tried it at least once. How many have had a hit of crack? A shot of dope, a half an X pill? That’s exactly what I thought. Now, as the police, you know that 6 of every 10 people (don’t quote me on that) are carrying some amount of weed on them. And if you can fill a holding cell with minor offenders, you can buy your kids that new Nintendo whatever-the-hell they’ve been nagging you about. Weed keeps the prisons full as long as it’s illegal. Once It becomes legal, you might as well sell doobies in 20 packs like cigarettes. They don’t want to just impose an import/export tax on it, they want to have complete control over every aspect of it. And this is not another post to say “LEGALIZE”, its a post to say “IT IS NOT A HEINOUS CRIME TO SMOKE WEED!”. Smoking weed doesn’t make you a loser. Being ADDICTED to ANYTHING makes you a loser.

So with that being said, “WE’RE HERE, WE’RE HIGH, GET USED TO IT!” -grabs papers with a smile-.


~ by Chucky_Nite on April 23, 2010.

One Response to ““We’re HERE, We’re HIGH, GET USED TO IT!””

  1. Its true that weed is so pervasive in our culture that almost everyone has at least tried it if not fallen in love with the magical plant. http://stonerdiary.wordpress.com

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