My Top 10 Producers

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@XXLStaff J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Kanye West, Noah “40” Shebib (yes, already), Timbaland, The Neptunes, DJ Toomp, Pete Rock, order

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I definitely lost my hip-hop card for throwing 40 in the mix….I just felt like going in depth on this topic, because Twitter’s 140 character limit is lame, and so is the TwitLonger app… So here goes.

1. J-Dilla: From the first time I ever got into this man’s work (“The Shining), I felt like this was the quintessential sound of Hip-Hop music. His style was raw, unadulterated, sometimes chaotic, sometimes smooth. To me, this was life in the big city, without a doubt. The mere fact that he made Donuts from his own deathbed solidified my claim that there may never be another producer that can fill his shoes. Just ask any hip-hop producer about their influences, and his name is sure to be mentioned.

2. 9th Wonder: 9th was the closest to Dilla in my mind, and also the sound behind most of the new conscious, or even real rap records I’d heard. Its not so much the instrumentation, because it is rather simple. Its more so the bars and hooks that are laid over his tracks. Little Brother, Slum Village, Skyzoo, even Kanye himself…even DRAKE.

3. Kanye West: The Louis Vuitton Don never fails me. Everything that comes off this guys Pro Tools session is pure gold. His rhymes are not embellishment, but merely fact, when no one else would admit it. His production for his other artists are open for debate, but I don’t think there is a Kanye West album you can say was weak. You can tell the man strives for perfection in EVERYTHING.

4. Noah “40” Shebib: Yes. I said 40. Yes. Drake’s 40. Why? Because he crafted the soundscape for one of the most exciting new artists I’ve seen in awhile. Isn’t that the job of a producer? To craft a sound behind his/her artists and their records? Listen to So Far Gone, and Thank Me Later. I want beats by 40, but I feel like he’s an album producer. And that’s what puts him in my Top 10. A lot of hip hop heads will hate me for that, but its MY Top 10! Lol.

5. Timbaland: Timbo. One of the most eclectic producers I’ve ever heard. He can take any instrument, and sound, flip it and morph it, and turn it into a chart topper. Straight like that.

6. The Neptunes: Notice I said the Neptunes. Pharrell isn’t the same without Chad, and vice-versa. The Neptunes took all the gritty, hardcore sound out of hip-hop, and made it fresh and fly, and even moreso, FUN…something for the girls to truly enjoy. I also kept in mind The Clipse, and NORE’s work with them…they took gangsta and made it funky all over again…and what they did with Snoop!? Pshhh.

7. DJ Toomp: Another “sound crafter”. 2 names. T.I., and Young Jeezy. He makes big records, and those big records sell. He may not be an All-Time great, but he’s one of my favorites, and ill always give him a shot.

8. Pete Rock: If I have to elaborate, you grew up on Top 40 your entire life. :-/.

9. DJ Premier: Primo provided the backdrop for Gangstarr. Not only sick with drums and samples, but also one of the sickest on the wheels of steel.

10. Since I didn’t mention him in my Tweet. Rick Rubin: Co-founder of the most powerful record label in hip-hop, and the sonic craftsman behind the Beastie Boys. If you don’t know who he is or what he’s done, see #8.

What’s your Top 10! We at H+D would love to know!


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