The Finisher…Why Hip-Hop Needs A Reality Check.

So this past Wednesday, Mr. Cee was taken to jail for lewd conduct. This conduct was concerning a man. In plain English, he got caught up getting head from a man. As if the embarrassment of being arrested for such an act isn’t enough, the hip-hop community has entered heated debate. Cee of course, has not lost his job as DJ at Hot 97. I’m not trying to address his job though. I’m trying to address the little problem hip-hop has with homophobia. You’ll hear rappers denounce homosexuality, with a vicious double-standard not seen anywhere else.

Why judge the man on ANYTHING? Whether his judgment was clouded or whatever the case may be, to each his own. Mr. Cee is not just a radio personality. He is a legend and a staple in New York hip-hop. One you can say is last of a dying breed. As shocked as I was to hear of this little thing, it didn’t bother me at all. It shouldn’t. Homosexuality is prevalent worldwide. Sexuality period is deeper than our little music genre. The genre where we “kill faggots”, but boast on having girl-on-girl-on girl-on boy orgies….is that not alternative sexuality as well? We need a serious reality check, and hopefully channel this fervent aggression to a REAL cause. Remember, Mr “Hope and Change” strategically struck Libya in a “war of conquest”. Do we really all have THIS much to say about a sex act, but absolutely nothing to say about our loss of freedom under the guise of security? There’s just heavier shit, y’all…Cee, Keep your head up. You’re still The Finisher in NYC!


~ by Chucky_Nite on April 4, 2011.

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