Prota-“Light Up” Freestyle

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Thank You For (Not) Hating: A Human Experience….coming 4th quarter ’10!!



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Spotted this piece right here on Collins Ave. in South Beach, MIA…I think the whole concept is dope, and captures the Miami Lifestyle…endless decadence, a playground for the rich and beautiful…but that’s just me…

If anybody knows who did this joint, enlighten me ASAP!

F.C.E./RSNY Music Presents: G-SWAGGER’S “The Groundwork Vol. 2” Release Party

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Bishop/Craven Moorhaus- “Cold Sweat” (Extended Mix)

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Cold Sweat (Bishop & Craven Moorhaus Extended Mix) by Bishop/CravenMoorhaus

High+Depth Music on Soundcloud!!

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Lurkin’ by High+Depth

This is “Lurkin'”, and its the lead single off of my solo project, called “Thank You For (Not) Hating: An American Love Story”. It’s a rough draft, so this and the B-Side, “Save My Soul”, are both available for FREE DOWNLOAD @


Mansions On The Moon-“She Makes Me Feel”

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Look for this and more off their new project with DJ Benzi and Diplo. Nice.

Asher Roth- “Seared Fois Gras (With Quince and Cranberry)” Mixtape

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Here’s the latest effort from every body’s favorite beer pong champion, Ash Roth, a.k.a The Blonde Bob Saget….I’ve gotten out of the trend of bigging up mixtapes and making them up to be something CRAAAAAZYYYY. It’s good, no great music, so you should take advantage of the fact that it’s FREE! Isn’t this what you wanted?! LOL. Check it out.

Seared Fois Gras DOWNLOAD LINK